Weather station

Davis Vantage Vue

Weather station is a Davis Vantage Vue see detail about their
products at link :

It has a sensor suite which is essentially the outside part and
contains sensors for measurement of temperature, wind, humidity,
rain, barometric pressure etc.

Then there is an inside console that has a wireless connection to
the sensor suite and here one can see all the measured as well as
calculated parameters

e.g. temperature inside and outside, humidity inside and outside,
dew point, cloud base, sunrise/sunset, daily/weekly/monthly/yearly
rain, moon phases etc.

A data logger is connected to the console and this in turn connects
to a device called meteobridge which in turn wirelessly connects to
the internet (can also be done via ethernet cable)

So even when the power is down the historical data logged by the
console can be recovered (up to a couple of days depending on your
station settings for the data logging interval)

I also use a Ambientweather 5000 WS for UV data, solar radiation , lightning detection, air quality, soil moisture and soil temperature.

See link :

24.67 S

27.78 E

240 m
DAVIS VANTAGE VUE : latitude: 24° 39' 43"S longitude: 27° 46' 32"E elevation: 1068,0 meters
The station is approximately 2 metres above ground level.
In operation since: 01-11-2013 (3206 days)
Solar Power Panel 0,5 Watts...CR-123 3-Volt Lithium cell Battery Life (3-Volt Lithium cell) 8 months without sunlight - greater than 2 years depending on solar charging
2000 records
Temperature: every 30s
Wind: every 10s
A data logger is connected to the console and this in turn connects to a Meteobridge device via a usb cable.
Huawei E5577 Modem

Range: 0°C - 50°C
Resolution: 0.1°C
Accuracy: +/- 0.2°C

The indoor thermometer is part of the indoor console.
Range: 0% - 100%
Resolution: 0.1%
Accuracy: +/- 1%

The indoor humidity sensor is part of the indoor console.
Temperature Sensor Type ...PN Junction Silicon Diode
Relative Humidity Sensor Type ... Film capacitor element
Davis Vantage Vue
Wind Speed Sensor .....Wind cups with magnetic detection
Wind Direction Sensor ...Wind vane with magnetic encoder
Rain Collector Type ....Tipping spoon, 0.01" per tip (0.2 mm with metric rain cartridge, Part No. 7345.319), 18.0 in2 (116 cm2) collection area
Ambientweather 5000 pws
Ambientweather 5000 pws
Ecowitt Soil Moisture sensor
Ecowitt lightning sensor



This wiki might help to use the full potential of Olievenspruit's weather website. The info section explains the hard and software and connections used.(In the menu bar under sub menus Weather Station and Olievenspruit Weather) Weather data updates every minute.(For both the mobile and desktop sites) There is a mobile page with current conditions, forecast, forecast map, station history (with drop down menu for today, yesterday, month, year etc. showing all parameters) and lastly a graph with drop down menu for time period and parameter. (Nice for quick references) One can switch to the desktop page using the link in bottom right hand corner and vice versa. The desktop version is where very detailed weather info is available. (Nice for more in depth information) It is divided in “blocks” The sunrise/sunset times and day length is shown. Moon with dates of full moon, new moon etc. The current block shows weather values in easy to read numerical format and updates every minute. “Live gauges” updates every minute and when the curser is hovered over a parameter it will show the min and max values and the time when this occurred. In the forecast maps one can use the menu bar top left of block to choose from windy or dark sky maps. Within the map one can choose from different parameters like wind, temperature, rain, thunder, clouds, pressure etc. Then station data is shown with now, max, min values and drop down menu for different time periods. There is also a history block where one can choose different parameters and a trends block with 1,3,6,12,24 hrs etc trends. Next is a forecast meteogram which is dynamic and moving the cursor over it will show all weather parameters at that point. Then easy to read forecast with dropdown the default using the Norwegian institute of meteorology values.(seems to be most accurate) Next is rainfall for today, this month, this year (from January) Drop down gives more options like seasonal(from September) etc. Rain balance is the stations values measured against 100 year rain data for Thabazimbi district obtained from SA weather services. Next is graph with several drop down options. In extremes one can pick a parameter like absolute temperature, precipitation etc. to see max/min value dates and times. There is a air quality block click within block for more info. Map to show location of station. Webcam with view from Olievenspruit house updates every 5 minutes. For aviation enthusiasts Cloud height time to sunset and density altitude. Then SA weather warnings from SA weather services, lightning detection and fire danger index. Followed by calendar, earthquakes and astronomical events. World weather...shows current conditions in few world cities. Database: data is stored every 5 mins and available data runs from January 2014. The menu bar at the top is really self explanatory and here one can get countless information, statistics etc.) Enjoy!! Leon





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Wind gust


Solar radiation


Apparent temperature

Dew point



Cloud base


Indoor temperature

Indoor humidity



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Moon set






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